Meet the ACE Club Team

What do we do?


Adventure – We believe in fresh air, sunshine, and new adventures.  We like to challenge kids to work individually and as part of a team.  Our past adventures have included, camps, Easter egg hunts, scavenger hunts, etc.

Culture – Our activity coordinators are from Canada and other parts of the world.  We are keen to share the culture we grew up with as kids.  The best way to learn is through experience.  Take a look at some our special events we have held.  

English – Our events and activities are run by native English speakers.  We can tailor the level of our English to suit kids of different levels.  Without the confines of a four walled classroom, we focus on listening and speaking and letting kids communicate naturally.


The ACE Club Team

Craig Irish -Ilo(Director, Activities coordinator)


Craig Irish (Ilo) is originally from Canada and has 6 years of experience in teaching kids in Japan.  Ilo is the founder of Ace Club and believes in the vision to get kids back outdoors playing, while learning at the same time.  He is a sports enthusiast and is currently playing ice hockey and baseball.  In his spare time he also enjoys snowboarding, camping, and is always in search of new wild experiences. He is very passionate about music and also has taken up Japanese taiko drums.