ACE Club Snow Camp 2017
to Dec 28

ACE Club Snow Camp 2017

ACE Club Snow Camp 2017

Hakuba, Japan

Wake up to the view of endless snow covered mountains. Take in a deep breath of the fresh cold mountain air in Hakuba. We will be hosting our English Snow Camp in Otari, Hakuba which is located in the Nagano snow belt. Experience endless amounts of snow to play with and also a nice beautiful lodge to relax inside with a hot cup of cocoa. This camp we will be teaming up with local guides to show the kids the time of their lives and also our own staff to make it a true ACE experience.

This camp will be an action packed, hands on learning camp. We will be teaming up with Otari Nature School and their bilingual guides for some fun activities such as a half day snow shoe hike through the deep snow at the snowfields of Tsugaike Nature Park. Each kid will get the chance to experience the hike using the traditional Kanjiki snowshoes made from straw. The kids will also have the chance to make and have an outdoor campfire in the beautiful snowfields and follow up with some chocolate fondue on snow. We will also get the chance to take in the local foods by making our own oyaki buns and also follow up with a BBQ. And last but not least the kids will have a lot of time to do some awesome snow activities such as building their own igloos, sledding, snowman making and making snow angels at night under the stars. All activities will be conducted of course under safe supervision by our staff and local guides. This is a great experience for the kids to learn English in a fun and natural way.

Things we will do:
Snow campfire
Snow shoe hiking
Igloo Building
Chocolate snow fondue
Oyaki Bun making
Snowman Making
Snow castle making
Snowball tossing
And many more fun games and activities inside our lodge. All activities will be done in English. We also will have Japanese staff for support if they are not a fluent speaker.

Details about the camp:
Accommodation: Lodge Daiju in Otari, Nagano
Transportation: Japan Highway Bus Shinjuku-Hakuba Happo
Chiba Station train ride assistance is available with our staff for pick up/ drop off.
Cost:Members:62,000¥/Non Members-65,000¥
***Early Bird Discount***
Members:59,000¥/Non Members-62,000¥
offer ends 11/25.
Includes-accommodation, Round Trip transportation(Shinjuku-Hakuba), Taxi transfer fees, Meals(breakfast,lunch, dinner x2), activity fees.

ACE Clubs transportation and accommodation has been arranged by Japan Ski Holidays.
Operator: Ski Japan Holidays - Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Registered Travel Agency Licence No. 2-481
Member of ANTA - All Nipon Travel Agents Association 1

Name *
Please provide childs birthday, age, sex and any food allergies.
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ACE Club English Summer Nature Camp 2017(Sold Out)
to Aug 1

ACE Club English Summer Nature Camp 2017(Sold Out)

ACE Club English Summer Nature Camp

When: July 30-August 1(2nights/3 days)

Where: Kimitsu Kameyama Shounen shizenno ie

※Travel assistance by train is available from Chiba JR station and JR Tokyo Station for overnight campers.  We will provide English and Japanese speaking staff for the journey.  Parents will be required to drop off and pick up their kids at the station. Train fees are not included.  For more information please contact us.

Our Nature Camp is all about hands on learning in English.  Our objective is to have the kids speaking and hearing English naturally at our camps.  We invite kids to immerse themselves in the great outdoors and make new friendships.  No screens, no ipads, no electronic entertainment, just real nature.  Eat under the stars, play under the sun, and take in the fresh air.  There will be lots of water play to cool off.   We are excited to get back to the basics and share in some great games and activities.  Everything is better in nature.  Come and experience it with us.  All kids will be fully supported throughout the camp. Don`t miss out!

This year we will be doing a two night camp, which means double the fun and adventure, double the English and further deepen friendships made at our camp.  This year we have a wide variety of activities such as,

-cookouts- kids will prepare and cook meals(pizza, BBQ, etc)

-River exploration trip-a day trip to the local river for some fun in the water, fishing and more. 

-Nature Hiking

-Nature Arts and Crafts-the kids will use all of natures elements to make their own crafts. 

-Nature Science

-Campfire-kids will learn how to build a fire and learn some fun camp songs. 

- Last but not least our very own ACE Club games and activities. The kids will have a wide variety of active games and of course some water play to cool them down on hot summer days.

*Our camps are lead by native English speakers. We also have Japanese support staff if needed for beginners.

Cost: ACE Club Members-¥34,800/Non Member-¥37,800

Discounts: Return campers-¥1000 off/Siblings-¥1000 off

For more information about our upcoming camp please send us an email at or go to our website

Thanks a lot

ACE Club

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(Sold Out)ACE Club Snow Day Camp
6:30 AM06:30

(Sold Out)ACE Club Snow Day Camp

Come join us for some fun in the snow this winter!!! We will be hosting a day camp trip to Grinpa Resort on February 19th. We will do some fun and exciting games and snow activities such as snow ball tossing, snowman making, snow castle making and of course some sledding. We will do two different station pick ups, one at JR Chiba station and the other at JR Tokyo station. If your up to join us on this cold and exciting ACE adventure please contact us for more details. 

**ACE Club New Years Campaign**

We are offering a 1000yen discountfor our ACE ClUb Snow Day Camp. Also if one of your friends join then we will give an extra 1000yen discount, totaling 2000yen to you and your friend. To inquire about this campaign email us at or register here.


6:30 depart JR Chiba Ststion

7:30 depart JR Tokyo Station

9:30 Arrive at Grinpa Resort

10:00 Snow Activities & Games

12:00 Lunch

12:30 Snow Activities & Games

3:00 Leave Resort

5:30 Arrive at JR Tokyo Station

6:30 Arrive at JR Chiba Station

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ACE Club Halloween English Fall Camp@Kusabue No Oka 2016
to Oct 16

ACE Club Halloween English Fall Camp@Kusabue No Oka 2016

★★★ACE Club Halloween Camp 2016★★★

We had a fun filled, spooktackular Halloween camp at Kusabuenooka Park in Sakura, Chiba.   The weather was perfect and the kids were ready for some Halloween festivities.   This was an overnight camp/day camp(for the younger kids) experience that left the kids wanting more when it was finished.  It was hard to part ways when it all ended. 

On the first day we started off with some icebreaker games in English in order for everyone to get to know one and other.  The kids all bonded together well and friendships were made very quickly.  Later that day the kids got to design and carve their own pumpkins.  It was great to see their creative side design some funny or scary pumpkins.  Our next event was a great hands on activity that the kids really enjoyed, they got to make their own scarecrow.   The kids gathered leafs, sticks and rocks and filled the scarecrows clothes.  Once they stuffed the scarecrows we had a fun game of “hide and seek” with the scarecrows.  We then finished the day camp portion of the camp with some trick or treating.   The kids were given clues about the Halloween characters and had to find them throughout the park in order to collect their candy.  At the end of the night we used our carved pumpkins and lit them up with candles and went on an adventurous night hike throughout the park. 

The second day the kids went on one of our fun filled Halloween scavenger hunts.  The kids had to walk throughout the park finding all the characters, such as Frankenstein, mummy, vampire, etc.  It was a great team bonding game, as they had to work and use their communication skills to complete the task.  After lunch we played some camp games, did some slack lining and had some free time.  We finished off the camp with a traditional Halloween activity, the piñata! The piñata is a paper stuffed character filled with candy or other goodies.  The kids have to try and smash open the piñata, while blindfolded in order to get the candy.  This was a great team bonding exercise and the kids were rewarded with LOTS of candy. 

The camp was a lot of fun for both us the staff and the campers.  We are looking forward to our next Halloween Camp in the Fall. 


ACE Club


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ACE Club Summer Nature Camp@Kimitsu Kameyama Shounen shizenno ie
to Aug 28

ACE Club Summer Nature Camp@Kimitsu Kameyama Shounen shizenno ie

  • 〒292-0526 千葉県君津市笹字片倉1661番地1 Japan (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

★★★ACE Club Summer Nature Camp 2016★★★

We had our Nature Camp in Kimitsu, Chiba.  This was a weekend to get down and dirty with nature.  It was a hands on camp as the kids were observing, touching and playing with everything from the great outdoors.   The kids had a great time with no time to even think of screens!

We opened up the camp with some fun games such as name tag, rock, paper, scissors train which allowed the kids to get to know each other.  It was great to see this group of kids form friendships with each other.  After lunch, we cooled off with some fun water activities in the open ground area.  The kids were running, laughing, singing while getting soaked with water.  The kids changed into dry clothing. Then we went trekking into the forest on a nature scavenger hunt to find all sorts of things from, sticks, bugs, rocks, flowers.  Once we returned from the hunt we used what we collected in nature for craft time.  The kids painted all the treasures they collected from the forest. It was nice to see the creative side of their personalities.  One of our summer traditions is the watermelon smash.  The kids had to communicate by giving directions in order to smash the watermelon open.  Once they cracked it open we had some delicious watermelon to eat under the sun.


After dinner, the kids had some journal time to write and draw about their activities and had a good rest.   When they sun went down and the stars came out we had a good old campfire. The kids helped to build the fire with the wood and maintain it as the evening went on.  Of course, when there is fire, it’s time to roast marshmallows. The kids got to make their own s`mores (graham crackers, chocolate and marshmallows).  They couldn't get enough of them and kept coming back for more.  As the night went on the kids wound down and got ready for bed.  The night finished off with some bedtime stories and then it was sweet dreams!

The following day we weren’t so lucky with the weather, but of course we were able to still have fun indoors playing games like, tag, hide and seek.  We also had our own indoor Pokémon hunt throughout the building which the kids had to find all the characters, write down their names and bring them back to the leaders.  We finished off the weekend with some lunch. On our way home, we stopped at our favorite rest area for a good footbath which was great as our feet had been running around all weekend.

We are looking forward to our next Summer Nature Camp, meeting new people and seeing some familiar faces as well.


ACE Club

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(SOLD OUT)ACE Club Summer Beach Camp@Sunset Breeze Hota 2016
to Jul 31

(SOLD OUT)ACE Club Summer Beach Camp@Sunset Breeze Hota 2016

  • 1032 Dairoku Kyonan-machi Awa-gun Chiba Japan (map)
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ACE Club Summer Beach Camp 2016

We held our Summer Beach Camp at Hota, Chiba.  The sun was shining and the kids could not get out of the ocean.  We had a great time playing games in the water and on the beach.  We also hiked to the top of a mountain to see the great big Buddha.    

We opened the camp with an orientation about water safety and set out the rules for when we play in and out of the ocean.  We started off with some ice breaker games in the water and then followed up with lunch in the Resort.  Then the kids got on their sunscreen and went back to the ocean ready for more fun.  Our first game after lunch was an alphabet hunt, where the kids had to find letters in and out of the ocean. After that they worked in teams to spell certain words.  Once we completed the game the kids had some time to cool off in the shade and get some healthy snacks.   With their energy levels back up and bodies hydrated we went back into the water for a relay game in which the kids had to catch the sponges and squeeze the water into a bucket.  The team that squeezed the most water in their bucket won the game.  It was a great game to work on hand and eye coordination, teamwork and communication.  Of course, on a hot summer we did our watermelon smash activity.  The kids had to communicate with their teammates in order to find the watermelon and smash it. Then it was time to rest, relax and eat the watermelon.   To wrap up the beach activities we had our very own ACE Club Beach scavenger hunt.  Kids were working in teams to find items that you would find on a beach, such as seashells, drift wood, flat rocks, crabs, starfish, etc. Once we finished that kids made their own sand castles and decorated them with their scavenger hunt treasures.

The sun went down and the kids cleaned up inside with a hot shower and onsen.  Once dinner was over it was timeto reflect on the day with some journal time.   Each kid drew and wrote about their favorite activity of the day.  It was getting late, so the kids got together for a bedtime story and then lights out.

The sun rose and the kids were up early on the second day ready to go.  We had our breakfast and then back out to the beach for an early morning swim in the ocean.  We played a game of kickball, which follows the same rules as baseball, but you have to kick the ball. The kids run around the bases in the ocean.  It was time to clean up and the kids packed up and we got ready to head over to Mt. Nokogiriyama.  The kids had some time to see the Nihonji Daibutsu and then we hiked to the top of the mountain.  We took in the beautiful views of the Boso Peninsula and had some healthy snacks.   It was time to hike down and wrap up our camp.  We packed our bags and headed to the train station to go back home.  We travelled back on the train to Chiba station, sharing stories about our experiences and had some good laughs.  

It was an action packed weekend for both the staff and campers.  Lots of memories were had at this camp for everyone that would make them remember about that summer camp with ACE Club.

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(Sold Out)ACE Club Spring Camp@Kashiwa Shounan Yume Farm
to Mar 27

(Sold Out)ACE Club Spring Camp@Kashiwa Shounan Yume Farm

  • 89-1 Fuze, Kashiwa 270-1464, Chiba Prefecture Japan (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

★★★ACE Club Spring Camp 2016★★★

We held our Spring Camp in Kashiwa, Chiba.   The weather was cold, but we kept ourselves warm with lots of fun activities. We kept a good campfire going throughout the day for those that got cold.  

We started off the camp with our orientation and our own ice breaker games.  Once the kids got to know each other we started with the first activity, Easter egg decorating.  The kids made their own Easter baskets and painted the eggs. The kids were hungry so we had a BBQ.  The kids and staff worked together to prepare the food, cutting, slicing and peeling.  The kids prepared the vegetables for the yakisoba and curry.  After some hard work, they were rewarded with a delicious lunch.  After running around in the woods and letting their food digest, we got ready for our own musical event.   The kids used plastic cups and learned how to play the cups song.  It took us some time to get it together, but in the end we had mastered it, ready to open eyes with our skills.  The Easter eggs were dry so we had an Easter egg hunt.  The kids took turns as groups to hide the eggs throughout the forest, while the other group would find and retrieve the eggs.  After that was done they had some snack time and enjoyed their Easter snacks.   The night was creeping up so we cleaned up and enjoyed some curry and rice.  After we went for a night hike around the campground and then played some glow stick throwing games.  It was time for the kids to shut it down after a long day of fun play and activities.  

The birds were singing, sun was shining and the kids were up bright and early.  We enjoyed some breakfast and warmed up by the campfire.  Once they were warm, we had some free time to do activities such as soccer, slack lining and arts and crafts.  Our next activity was a nature scavenger hunt.  The kids got into their teams and worked together to find all the objects on the list, such as Y shaped sticks, rocks, insects, tree bark and other random items found in nature.  The kids gather and we went over what we found and were rewarded with some hot tea and fruit.   After we did a group game that the kids had to form a caterpillar.  They had to keep balloons between each camper with their bodies and no hands.  Their job was to work together to move from one point of the campground to another. It was really fun to watch and great to see all the campers working hard together to achieve a goal.  It was time to end the camp, so the kids cleaned up the campground and organized their belongings before heading home.  The kids all got along and formed some great friendships.  It was hard for them to part ways after having an amazing weekend together. 

It was great to meet a lot of new campers and see some familiar campers.  We look forward to seeing them at our other camps. 

Thanks a lot.

ACE Club

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