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ACE Club Summer Nature Camp@Kimitsu Kameyama Shounen shizenno ie

  • 〒292-0526 千葉県君津市笹字片倉1661番地1 Japan (map)

★★★ACE Club Summer Nature Camp 2016★★★

We had our Nature Camp in Kimitsu, Chiba.  This was a weekend to get down and dirty with nature.  It was a hands on camp as the kids were observing, touching and playing with everything from the great outdoors.   The kids had a great time with no time to even think of screens!

We opened up the camp with some fun games such as name tag, rock, paper, scissors train which allowed the kids to get to know each other.  It was great to see this group of kids form friendships with each other.  After lunch, we cooled off with some fun water activities in the open ground area.  The kids were running, laughing, singing while getting soaked with water.  The kids changed into dry clothing. Then we went trekking into the forest on a nature scavenger hunt to find all sorts of things from, sticks, bugs, rocks, flowers.  Once we returned from the hunt we used what we collected in nature for craft time.  The kids painted all the treasures they collected from the forest. It was nice to see the creative side of their personalities.  One of our summer traditions is the watermelon smash.  The kids had to communicate by giving directions in order to smash the watermelon open.  Once they cracked it open we had some delicious watermelon to eat under the sun.


After dinner, the kids had some journal time to write and draw about their activities and had a good rest.   When they sun went down and the stars came out we had a good old campfire. The kids helped to build the fire with the wood and maintain it as the evening went on.  Of course, when there is fire, it’s time to roast marshmallows. The kids got to make their own s`mores (graham crackers, chocolate and marshmallows).  They couldn't get enough of them and kept coming back for more.  As the night went on the kids wound down and got ready for bed.  The night finished off with some bedtime stories and then it was sweet dreams!

The following day we weren’t so lucky with the weather, but of course we were able to still have fun indoors playing games like, tag, hide and seek.  We also had our own indoor Pokémon hunt throughout the building which the kids had to find all the characters, write down their names and bring them back to the leaders.  We finished off the weekend with some lunch. On our way home, we stopped at our favorite rest area for a good footbath which was great as our feet had been running around all weekend.

We are looking forward to our next Summer Nature Camp, meeting new people and seeing some familiar faces as well.


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