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(Sold Out)ACE Club Spring Camp@Kashiwa Shounan Yume Farm

  • 89-1 Fuze, Kashiwa 270-1464, Chiba Prefecture Japan (map)

★★★ACE Club Spring Camp 2016★★★

We held our Spring Camp in Kashiwa, Chiba.   The weather was cold, but we kept ourselves warm with lots of fun activities. We kept a good campfire going throughout the day for those that got cold.  

We started off the camp with our orientation and our own ice breaker games.  Once the kids got to know each other we started with the first activity, Easter egg decorating.  The kids made their own Easter baskets and painted the eggs. The kids were hungry so we had a BBQ.  The kids and staff worked together to prepare the food, cutting, slicing and peeling.  The kids prepared the vegetables for the yakisoba and curry.  After some hard work, they were rewarded with a delicious lunch.  After running around in the woods and letting their food digest, we got ready for our own musical event.   The kids used plastic cups and learned how to play the cups song.  It took us some time to get it together, but in the end we had mastered it, ready to open eyes with our skills.  The Easter eggs were dry so we had an Easter egg hunt.  The kids took turns as groups to hide the eggs throughout the forest, while the other group would find and retrieve the eggs.  After that was done they had some snack time and enjoyed their Easter snacks.   The night was creeping up so we cleaned up and enjoyed some curry and rice.  After we went for a night hike around the campground and then played some glow stick throwing games.  It was time for the kids to shut it down after a long day of fun play and activities.  

The birds were singing, sun was shining and the kids were up bright and early.  We enjoyed some breakfast and warmed up by the campfire.  Once they were warm, we had some free time to do activities such as soccer, slack lining and arts and crafts.  Our next activity was a nature scavenger hunt.  The kids got into their teams and worked together to find all the objects on the list, such as Y shaped sticks, rocks, insects, tree bark and other random items found in nature.  The kids gather and we went over what we found and were rewarded with some hot tea and fruit.   After we did a group game that the kids had to form a caterpillar.  They had to keep balloons between each camper with their bodies and no hands.  Their job was to work together to move from one point of the campground to another. It was really fun to watch and great to see all the campers working hard together to achieve a goal.  It was time to end the camp, so the kids cleaned up the campground and organized their belongings before heading home.  The kids all got along and formed some great friendships.  It was hard for them to part ways after having an amazing weekend together. 

It was great to meet a lot of new campers and see some familiar campers.  We look forward to seeing them at our other camps. 

Thanks a lot.

ACE Club