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(SOLD OUT)ACE Club Summer Beach Camp@Sunset Breeze Hota 2016

  • 1032 Dairoku Kyonan-machi Awa-gun Chiba Japan (map)

ACE Club Summer Beach Camp 2016

We held our Summer Beach Camp at Hota, Chiba.  The sun was shining and the kids could not get out of the ocean.  We had a great time playing games in the water and on the beach.  We also hiked to the top of a mountain to see the great big Buddha.    

We opened the camp with an orientation about water safety and set out the rules for when we play in and out of the ocean.  We started off with some ice breaker games in the water and then followed up with lunch in the Resort.  Then the kids got on their sunscreen and went back to the ocean ready for more fun.  Our first game after lunch was an alphabet hunt, where the kids had to find letters in and out of the ocean. After that they worked in teams to spell certain words.  Once we completed the game the kids had some time to cool off in the shade and get some healthy snacks.   With their energy levels back up and bodies hydrated we went back into the water for a relay game in which the kids had to catch the sponges and squeeze the water into a bucket.  The team that squeezed the most water in their bucket won the game.  It was a great game to work on hand and eye coordination, teamwork and communication.  Of course, on a hot summer we did our watermelon smash activity.  The kids had to communicate with their teammates in order to find the watermelon and smash it. Then it was time to rest, relax and eat the watermelon.   To wrap up the beach activities we had our very own ACE Club Beach scavenger hunt.  Kids were working in teams to find items that you would find on a beach, such as seashells, drift wood, flat rocks, crabs, starfish, etc. Once we finished that kids made their own sand castles and decorated them with their scavenger hunt treasures.

The sun went down and the kids cleaned up inside with a hot shower and onsen.  Once dinner was over it was timeto reflect on the day with some journal time.   Each kid drew and wrote about their favorite activity of the day.  It was getting late, so the kids got together for a bedtime story and then lights out.

The sun rose and the kids were up early on the second day ready to go.  We had our breakfast and then back out to the beach for an early morning swim in the ocean.  We played a game of kickball, which follows the same rules as baseball, but you have to kick the ball. The kids run around the bases in the ocean.  It was time to clean up and the kids packed up and we got ready to head over to Mt. Nokogiriyama.  The kids had some time to see the Nihonji Daibutsu and then we hiked to the top of the mountain.  We took in the beautiful views of the Boso Peninsula and had some healthy snacks.   It was time to hike down and wrap up our camp.  We packed our bags and headed to the train station to go back home.  We travelled back on the train to Chiba station, sharing stories about our experiences and had some good laughs.  

It was an action packed weekend for both the staff and campers.  Lots of memories were had at this camp for everyone that would make them remember about that summer camp with ACE Club.