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ACE Club English Summer Camp in Minkami


Are you looking to send your kid(s) to an adventure of a lifetime?!?! Well then let's embrace your adventurous spirits at our ACE Club English Summer Camp in Minakami. Minakami is one of the hearts of outdoor adventures in Japan offering some of the best rafting and canyoning. This camp we will be teaming up with I LOVE OUTDOORS JAPAN. Their experienced guides will be taking us rafting down the Tone river and hiking and canyoning in the Minakami valley.

This camp will be a great way for the kids to recharge their batteries and be one with nature and the surrounding beauty of Minakami. Wake up and take a deep breath of fresh mountain air and take in a nice view of the Tone River. Our camps provide a great English learning experience for any level, beginner to fluent speakers. At our camps we aim to build kids confidence and independence and of course communications skills. This is also a great chance for your kid/s to meet people from all around the world and take in many different cultures. So what are you waiting for? Lets bring bring out our true personalities and go for the best experience...ACE Club experience this Summer. Let's eat, dance, sing, laugh and play under the stars and make memories for life!!!

Some things we will do at this camp:

White water rafting
Campfires and Cookouts
Nature Crafts
T Shirt Tie Dye
Dance Party/Talent Show
Camp Games
And many more fun and active English oriented games.

When: 7/27~7/30
Where:Minakami, Japan
Cost: Members 70,000¥/Non Members 73,000¥
Early Bird Pricing( Finishes 5/31)
Member 67,000¥/Non Member 70,000¥


***Want to bring family or a friend? Make sure to take advantage of ACE Bucks program that gives you discounts for introducing new people that join the ACE Club experience.***

All activities will be lead by native English/fluent English speakers with the aid of Japanese assistance if needed. We like to keep a 1:6 camp leader to student ratio over the course of our camps. This camp is for kids 6-12 years old. Meeting point will be at Shinjuku Expressway Bus Terminal.

To register please go to or email us at

We are looking forward to sharing the experience of a lifetime with you this Summer!!!

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