Summer is here, but are you ready for the rainy season!?!?

So now the heat has arrived with the rain, or has it? As we get ready to turn on the air conditioners, we also have to embrace the fact that the next month will be a lot of indoor activities.  Long periods of time indoors can make a person start to get the good old cabin fever.  I have two boys that are very active and we always need some new ideas as to what we can do with our children.  I thought I would write this as a way to share some ideas as to what you can do and would also love to hear from you with some other new ideas.  

Some things I like to do with the family is a good old minute to win it challenge series.  Its a series of fun and entertaining games that are done under the time period of one minute.  Some of my favourite minute to win challenges are the elephant march and also the ping pong ball shake it out challenge(see video below).  Another fun thing to do is to make our own non toxic slime.  We use corn flour, water and food coloring.  All you have to do is mix it in a bowl or pan and you have hours of entertainment with the kids.  Its messy but can easily be cleaned up.  If you really want to get crazy you can let it dry and grind it into powder for a powder war once the rain clears up.  

Here are some of my favourite indoor activities.  I am always ready to hear about some other new and fun activities you do.  Please send us a comment or an email as to what you like to do during this rainy season. 

Enjoy the rainy season!

ACE Club