ACE Club "A Trip To The Zoo"

We got lucky as it was still the rainy season.  We had a nice sunny hot day to celebrate Canada Day at the Chiba Zoo.  The kids were ready to play and also go for a walkabout to find some animals.  We started off the event with same games that catered to what animals they like.  After we needed to cool down with a craft in the shade.  Since it was Canada day we thought it would be a good idea to make a Canada flag, but we substituted the maple leaf with one of the animals they would see.  The kids used fingers or brushes and created their own animal Canada flag.  It was great to see the kids use their creative skills to create their own flags.  We definitely got to see some new style of flags.  

After the craft was done the kids got to break up into groups.  We had our own ACE Club animal scavenger hunt.  The kids each had their own sheets and had to work together in order to find the different animals throughout the park.  The kids found lions, elephants, kangaroos, flamingos, gorillas and other awesome animals.  Once we finished the scavenger hunt it was time to settle down with a snack and say our good byes.  Of course though with a hot day once snack time was over we had some of the kids jump in the water fountain to cool down and let loose.  It was a great day overall and we are excited to get back at it with our upcoming Summer Camps in Hakuba and Chiba.  Stay tuned for more ACE experiences after Summer Camp season.  

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