What to do on a hot day at Summer Camp...

Picture yourself, you are 6-12 year old kid, tired, exhausted, hot and sticky.  The past three days you have been putting yourself through some of the funnest yet exhausting activities for the first time.  After all of that you have some time to relax and what do you want???? ICE CREAM!!! That`s right, at our last summer camp we made our own ice cream from scratch and it was such a big hit that we will do it again at our upcoming camp in Kimitsu, Chiba.  

After preparing all the materials, milk, cream, sugar, salt, vanilla extract and ice in a bucket we closed it up  After that we wrapped it in blankets and off we went.  The kids got to take turns rolling and throwing it down the hill over and over until it thickened.  The kids themselves came up with their own ideas what to do with it, such as downhill bowling, line jumps and shaking races.  After all of that the kids had the best treat ever...their own ice cream.  Not only did the kids have fun, but all the staff had a great time to making it.  I never made my own ice cream before, but I have to say it was such a cool experience.  I can`t wait to do it again this summer and have a little extra idea how to change it up.  Watch the video and enjoy their experience. 


Craig "ILO" Irish

ACE Club