ACE Club Halloween Day Camp

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My daughter (8) and son (6) went on the 2018 Spring Camp with ACE club and really loved their experience. It was their first time away and they were both so excited to head off on their adventure. Knowing that they would be busy with lots of fun games and activities was great. When we picked them up from the camp we knew that it had been amazing - big smiles from both of them about all the laughs and new friends they made. Now, more than a month later, they are still talking about their experience at the ACE club camp. We highly recommend an ACE club camp to others.
— TM
My son(6) joined Ace club spring camp 2018 for the first time (first time ever of any campings!) It was challenging for all of us as he had never gone to campout without family or friends from school. Especially at night we were a bit nervous if he is OK or not. Despite our anxiety, looking through many photos uploaded on Facebook shortly after any activities on the camping, surrounded by family like staffs and friends, his face was full of satisfaction and enthusiasm. Story time, night hike, so many activities in the nature…he loved them so much and they are the things I can’t easily provide for him at home. After camping, he looks more confident of himself, be more positive to challenge anything and started helping mom to prepare for dinner!!! I strongly recommend ACE club camping for anyone who wants to explore the new world. Everything was beyond expectation.
— Nana, Chiba

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10/27 ACE Club Halloween Day Camp @My Treehouse








At Ace Club we provide a unique way of teaching English outside of the traditional classroom.  We like to get kids outdoors and learning.  Through play, fun games, and entertaining activities, we keep kids tuned in at all levels.  In natural environments like parks and camps, we believe kids absorb English and look to use it naturally. 

We keep it fun and real!  Our lessons are conducted in natural English with native English speakers. Ace Club is ideal for any kids wanting to learn, with or without any past English experience.  We encourage kids to use their creative personalities to engage in activities as individuals and as part of a team. 

We can’t wait to meet you at our next activity. Come play!