ACE Club English Summer Camps 2018

Come and join the ACE experience this summer . The ACE Club experience will definitely be the highlight of any kids summer break, coming back a more confident and independent person. This is an amazing chance for the kids to get a rich outdoor nature experience, no screens, no iPads, no electronic entertainment. At our camps we have our kids speaking and listening in a natural English environment amongst themselves and staff. We carefully choose certain activities that will maximize English exposure while have fun in a safe and positive way. This is a great way for any kid to experience fun adventurous activities, while learning at the same time.

Upcoming Events

4/14 ACE CLUB Activity@西志津スポーツ等多目的広場(幼稚園・小学生合同) Kinder and Elementary
5/13 Mothers Day BBQ @ Yotsukaido Sogo Park-Free Event

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At Ace Club we provide a unique way of teaching English outside of the traditional classroom.  We like to get kids outdoors and learning.  Through play, fun games, and entertaining activities, we keep kids tuned in at all levels.  In natural environments like parks and camps, we believe kids absorb English and look to use it naturally. 

We keep it fun and real!  Our lessons are conducted in natural English with native English speakers. Ace Club is ideal for any kids wanting to learn, with or without any past English experience.  We encourage kids to use their creative personalities to engage in activities as individuals and as part of a team. 

We can’t wait to meet you at our next activity. Come play!