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This past Summer was a great one, with our two camps we did in Otari, Nagano and Kimitsu, Chiba. Our aim is to give kids the true outdoor experience and a chance for kids to explore nature in an adventurous style, the ACE Club style. Each camp is a learning experience for the kids and ourselves which makes us come back a more positive and confident person. It was great to hear all the great feedback and it's only motivates us to do more camps with new exciting experiences.

We would like to announce our referral based program that can help benefit yourself and others. The ACE Bucks program will allow you to accumulate credit towards future camps and events. How this works is for you to spread your ACE Club camp or event experiences within your networks of friends and family. In return we will give you a set fee for every new person you recruit to join our camps and events. We would give you a personal link which would allow the new people to sign up and we would be able to track how many people you recruit. Later you can redeem your ACE Bucks towards one of our future camps or events that fit in your time schedule. Let's take a look down below how it works.

Ken Watanabe sends his 7 year old daughter to camp and she comes back happy as can be and can't wait for her next ACE Club experience. He then tell his friends and family how great his daughters experience was and then will then talk about future camps and events they can join. He gives them his own personal link and they sign up for one our camps. We will then get the form submission and take note as to how many friends signed up with his link. The next summer 5 of Kens friends and family sign up with his link and then we reduce the fee of their daughters next ACE Club camp or event using the ACE Bucks they've earned. Each member will get 1000 yen for each new person that registers for camp giving Ken a 5000 yen discount. Now next camp Kens daughter can enjoy the ACE experience with friends and family plus the new friends she will make at camp.

Step 1

Create your own promo code and let us know so we can register it in our database. We can track how many people have registered with your code and apply it to your next camp or event.


Step 2

Spread the word to friends and family about upcoming ACE Club camps and events. Give them your promo code and they can put it into the promo code box on the registration form.

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Step 3

When you are available to join us with one of our camps or events in the future we will then use your ACE Bucks and deduct it from your next camp or event.



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Please let us know your promo code in the message box.
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For more information about this program you can email us at and we can give you more details how to take part of program and get you earning ACE Bucks.